Monday, October 19, 2015

Westward Ho! The Oregon Trail

Dan is a huge fan of making sure the kids learn something on every trip we take, like school.  I like the gift shops.  I tried to make this trip a better mix of the two so everyone was happy! 
First up for shoving information down the kids throats was The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City, Oregon.
 It is a few miles off the interstate but not so far you start to feel like you are losing major travel time.  
It's easy to spot high up on a hillside.
There were several wagons circled round, one authentic and others replicas that the kids could climb up in.
 Inside the center is really nice.  There are large exhibits that show the scenes of wagon trail life and the many animals that came along with the pioneers.  
The center is a decent size but not so overwhelming that the kids got bored.  It had an entry fee but it was nothing huge, maybe $30 for all of us? 
I would say if you ever want to stop there, plan on about an hour of your time.  Worth it for sure!
 Lauren tried on a prairie girl hat and the bought this little rag doll with her own money.  She named her Charlotte and she was her constant companion this whole trip!  The sweet lady who worked in the gift shop makes these dolls and seemed pleased that Lauren wanted one.
 At the front of the center.  The sun was so bright!
We headed down the hill right by the entrance to the the center and that is where I thought we were showing the kids the coolest thing ever.  
Wagon wheel tracks!  
The Oregon Trail tracks!  
The REAL ones!  
From over 100 years ago!  
The dirt is so trampled and packed down that after all these years, nothing still can grow in the tracks!  
 Greg was super unimpressed. 
 So I made them pose and took a picture of them so someday they will see that their parents took them to some cool places. 
Back in the car kids.....