About Me

Hi!  I'm Kristen, welcome!

I'm a So Cal girl born and raised, who ended up in Utah when the love bug bit me hard a week before I graduated college 
I love home decorating, planning big projects and I'm currently expanding my DIY skills so I can do more than just paint.  I love to garden and this is my third year of experimenting with growing things in a desert.  I am a wedding floral designer and avid flip flop wearer who loves getting a pedicure.

I love being organized even though it's a struggle for me, I've never missed a season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I'm getting to be "okay" using my fancy pants camera, the best Saturday morning is spent out at yard sales thrifting for treasures, I spend too much time surfing the net and I never met a Starbucks I didn't like.

I have three amazing (to us) kids, Graham, Gregory and Lauren, I've been married to my sweet husband Dan for almost 15 years  and our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Miss Darcy, Dutchess of Knightsbridge rounds our number to a nice even six. (Did I mention I'm a lover of all things British?  It's true...)