Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saving Older Homes

I love history and especially old architecture.  If I had a deep enough pocket book, I would save and restore every old house I ever found!

I was surfing a little online tonight and found these fun photos of downtown Salt Lake City.  Then I realized, HEY...I lived here - in that very spot!
South Temple in 1909
South Temple today - Brigham Apartments
South Temple 1909 with the Newhouse mansion 
 Same view today.

I loved living here when I was a single girl going to the University of Utah.  I had a fantastic one bedroom apartment, no roommates and life was good.  
(Sometimes I tell Dan I wish I could go live there again for a few days at a time, kids come with a lot of messes and clutter I never had then!) 
It seems like downtown is treated like a big playground for building and re-building.  As much as I loved that apartment it makes me so sad to see those amazing old homes that  could have still been there today had someone stood up for restoring and saving them!


classic • casual • home said...

My kids had tons of clutter but when I wanted to get some exercise I would run around and clean everything up and think of all the calories I was burning. I wish we save more great architecture in America, too.

Town and Country Gals said...

there are so many beautiful homes that are torn down every day and it's very sad. Great photos of the city, sounds like yu had a great time while going to school!
Thanks for visiting!

Amy said...

I feel the same way...except I want to include Anything falling apart has my heart!