Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Plans with the Kids!

Dan and I sat down with Graham, Greg and LuLu on Sunday and asked them what they wanted to do this summer.  
It feels as if we wait all year for summer to come, and then once it gets here, there are days full of "What should we do?"

These three are growing up right before my eyes (stop stop STOP!)  
I want to take every advantage of lazy summer days that slip by in the same way.  
TOO fast! 
Nothing fancy on the list..but I'm excited for a summer full of fun!

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KEYSHA said...

I love the list! You're right, our kids are growing up way too quickly and before we know it winter will be here and we will wonder where the summer went. Great idea to make a list of the 'big and little' things you want to do this summer! Let's do some of them together:)

Kristen said...

Your list has inspired me to make our own family list!!! What a fun idea. I think I am going to steal some of your ideas!!!

House of Smiths said...

this is awesome! I love how the writing got smaller at the bottom... to fit everything in. LOL.

What a great idea!

Melinda said...

Is it pathetic that I make a list for myself every summer? And also that some of the items on the list for your kids are the same things on my list?! Haha! Where do you suggest going to pick berries? I've never done that but it sounds fun! Maybe I can make a pie afterward.

Olson's said...

You've inspired me too! We are totally making a list, and I'm pretty sure it will include some of those same ideas....hello - Dairy Keen and Memorial Hill?? Sounds right up my alley!!

Thanks for the fun idea :)

chris said...

Love this checklist idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

Denise said...


You might want to check the local movie theaters. In our area, they offer free movies. Just a thought. Fun idea - we do the same.

Have a great summer
Love, Denise

Anonymous said...

I am borrowing this idea. We are so making a list. That is a fabulous idea! You'll have to post at the end of the summer to let us know how much of it you guys accomplished-and don't forget to post pictures too:)

Su said...


foudn you from Just A Girl. Wanted to let you know that I linked to your post ( this one and the summer chore one). Here is the post I did that linked to yours:

I am longing for a summer rhythm. Thanks for the inspiration.

Su@The Intentional Home

PS~Erin said...

We just did this too. We've got big plans. So fun!!

Anonymous said...

last week our class held a similar discussion about this subject and you illustrate something we have not covered yet, thanks.

- Kris