Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Madness

I was cranky yesterday. 
I'm the sort of girl who likes projects and likes getting them done.
I've had one big project in the works for over a year now. 
I'm really really tired of it.
Patience is a virtue and I don't have it.
We spent the day being snippy and getting a few things done.
(Sorry, should I admit that?  I get tired of reading blogs that are all buttercups and roses.  Our life is pretty great but certainly not without grumpy days!)
Dan painting the mailbox. The once grey before...
And the black again after!
I'd show you the whole thing that looks pretty great but I don't want creepy people knowing my address.
LuLu loved sitting in the box with her otter pop. 
Dan totally loved that I had something else in mind to accomplish...I wanted the lawn tree to be an island oasis.  Hello sun loving flower spot!!
I laid out the shape and marked it.
Dan and Graham dug it out.
Went on a rock hunt on the mountain and brought these beauties back.  Dan's strong like that. 
Flowers will be coming soon to this new happy spot!
 My house is finally starting to feel a bit more "cottage" like.  It deserves that. I'm slowly but surely working on the porch but I look for those sort of things at yard sales. 

We ended the day with a yummy BBQ, a few apologies,a movie night  and ice cream with the minis.
And a grateful heart, of course, for living in such a great country!


Heidi said...

I would leave a real comment, but I have to go look at the island since I have walked past it three times today and haven't noticed!

kjtroxel said...

Love the island. That wasn't there when I dropped in was it?
I love your honesty!

The house next door just planted Foxgloves. OH MY! talk about cottagey feeling! Come have a sit on my front porch. We'll have something sweet to drink and pretend we are in our coastal cottages...