Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thrifty FInds Monday!

Joining in on Rhoda's party again this week...was planning on going alone but before the words "garage sa..."could even escape my still waking up lips, Greg was dressed and in the car waiting to go along. Then as I was pulling out of the garage Graham came running out looking ready to go as well.

I armed them with quarters and the rules:
1. Do NOT ask mom loudly if you can have something. Mom does not want to have to explain what junk is in front of the "junks owner."
2. Do NOT beg, whine or cry if mom says no.
3. Treat it like a treasure hunt, we may fund something, we may not, but we still have fun and get a doughnut afterwards.

Deals of the day...

Smocked bubble outfit - .50 cents

Old Navy Linen Dress - FREE!! It pays to find out that the garage sale you show up at is related to a good friend of yours! Thanks Kari!
Carters khaki skirt and shirt - $1.00 each
Carters sundress (love the colors) $1.00
Eeek!! Super cute cuffed capris from Children's Place - $1.00!
Brand new plates - $1.00 (this woman was selling off inventory from a store, most of her things were way overpriced but I thought these were perfect little gift plates for the price especially being brand new!)
Graham's find: Darth Vader talking mask - $4.00 (they are selling on ebay for $25-30) and Power Ranger gun, .50 cents and a Dr. Suess book for free.
Find of the day - Greg's Spiderman costume for $1.00. He LOVES Spiderman and has worn this from the minute he woke up to the minute he goes to bed. He would not stop grinning after he found this! He also got a Blue Thunder monster truck for .25 cents.

Total spent - under $15.00
Not a bad day, especially with two little shoppers tagging along!

Thanks for stopping by!


The Tattered Cottage said...

Ohh I agree...those capris are too stinkin cute! Love the plates!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Such adorable finds! Those outfits are too cute! I love your rules! So funny! Those plates are fabulous!

Thanks for sharing!


Paige said...

Cute clothes! My daughter, she is 4, loves to go out with me! Mainly because she always finds "goodies", kind of like your son! LOL

Amy Lynne said...

Love the costume and mask...your boys would certainly fit in at my house. I never know what character is coming down the stairs for the day!

Teacher said...

Good buys. Love the plates - the square with the detail is so pretty and different. I had to breeze by the kids clothes or I could get baby fever. They looked super-cute as I scrolled by though.

Off to look around at your blog some more. Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

I fully expect you to be at our garage sale (July 11th) after all these posts. You could get a good deal on CUTE fall/winter clothes...
One of these days when I feel like a human again I want to go with you on your bargain hunt:)

Courtney said...

Those are great finds! My kids love yardsales too-those are great rules. I will keep those in mind for next time!

Kristen said...

Desiree - I fully expect that you let me come over for a "pre-sale
shopping event!

Malinda said...

Good finds! Can't wait to see what you find this week!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Great finds and don't you love it when kids get excited about garage sales.

Becky said...

Those are GREAT thrifty finds! I love all of them...this motivates me to get my thrifty on! LOL!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Kristen, way to teach those younguns about how to spend money at the sales! I was laughing at your description of leaving the house.

Great clothes finds! And I love those plates.

kjtroxel said...

Score! Such fun finds.
Love the conversation about "junk". I will have to set down those rules as well.

Linda said...

You got some darling clothes and great buys, but that Spiderman outfit made me nostalgic. My grown son loved his Spiderman underoos back in the 70's! Love it! Linda

Allison said...

Good finds!! Love the dresses and the plates!

Lacy said...

Great bargains!!! Love the clothes and my fav is the plates!! Great job.