Thursday, June 18, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Laundry and Playroom!!

How is it Friday already? This week has flown right by!! Kelly is having her party go on and on and on and I just love it! It's been so fun looking at everyone's homes and getting some great decorating ideas!

First up is our "toy loft." It could've been a 4th bedroom but we already have three upstairs and they are full of kids so we've loved having this space. This is before my cute black checked curtains went up but there is a slight fireman theme going on.
My brother, Mike made this awesome PB knockoff toy shelf for Graham's first birthday. He drove it in the back of his truck from Atlanta all the way to Utah for him! I love that he got into the details of it and put a copper "pole" down the center too. I added the vinyl letters to it to finish it off.
There are the curtains! You can't see that there is a red wooden ladder hanging on the opposite wall that Dan built. But you can see how messy three kids make this place. We clean it up constantly and now that they are getting older I might change the room into more of a computer/study space.
And here is my laundry "room" that some man must have designed. It's in my main hallway in.a.closet. We moved into this house when Graham was only 2 and I was pregnant with Greg. Can you say dumb first time homebuyer who has never done laundry for three kids?
Dan added the extra shelf for me and a light. They couldn't even put a light in!! Grrr. This is going to be my new mudroom space. Dan is putting a laundry chute into our master closet and I'm getting a 12x11 laundry/craft room down in the basement.

Boring I know! I've had a lot of little projects going on around the house including painting the kids bathroom. I'll post those before and afters on Monday I hope.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!!


Parker said...

Love you,

Nancy said...

Enjoyed my visit! and love the background! have a great weekend ~

Heather said...

Great rooms! Thanks for sharing them with us. I wish my kids had a playroom like that!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Great space - I'm jealous! I love the firehouse too.

Bethany and crew said...

What a fun space!! And AMEN to the whole laundry in a closet idea....we're currently mulling over options to transform our laundry "room" as well...I mean, really, what are home builders thinking sometimes???

The Justice Family said...

I love looking at the different rooms in your house, because I have the same rooms. Your playroom is Claire's room. (Obviously we made ours a room and not a loft.) I just finished painting it pink. I wanted to put the bead board up in her room, but I don't know how much longer we will be here.