Monday, August 18, 2008

LL Cool G

Yes, that's right. Ladies Love Cool Graham. Or so I've heard. I've dropped Graham off at Kindergarten and noticed a few little girls in the corner whispering and looking at him.
He does not notice. Good boy!!

Today when I was picking him up I started talking to a mom. Who's child is yours blah blah small talk small talk.
"Graham, the tall brown haired one"
The one mom perks up suddenly and proceeds to tell me, "Oh we've heard a LOT about Graham."

Apparently my son and her daughter were selected for a High Five award of sorts last Friday.
(I thought everyone got one, good thing I made a big stinkin deal over a piece of paper and had it on the fridge front and center all weekend!)

Turns out it was just for 2 students and they were it. And apparently some girls thought that her daughter was "So super lucky" to walk ALL the way to the office with Graham. Which is about 20 feet since his room is right next to the office.

I was shocked. Yet not surprised (really, would YOU be? You all think your kids are the cutest ever, just like I do) Interested - since she had had this whole conversation with her daughter and all I got was "Here's my backpack. There's lots of stuff in there today."

Thank you for being so oblivious Graham. Give mommy 10 more years to worry about YOU noticing the girls!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Uh-oh! Hopefully he has a few more years before he notices what a heartthrob he is! :)

kjtroxel said...

Handsome guy! Good thing he's oblivious. Those girls won't leave the cuties alone. I have already had to speak to a few of my fourth grade girls about leaving the boys alone...poor boys...poor Graham (but i wouldn't wish it any other way!)
I tagged you and Graham...can't wait to read his answers!

Rae said...

It's amazing how young it all starts!! The girls are going to think Graham is even cuter because he doesn't notice them. The boys are all ga-ga over my Kenners because she firmly declares to them that they are all her friend and nothing more. It's a challenge!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kristen, sounds like you have a little heart breaker on your hands! How cute!! Well, at least he's having no problem fitting in right?

Susie Harris said...

Hi Kris... I came by but your blog wont load up to show your post. Not sure if it's yours or mine... Just wanted you to know that I stopped by. I will check back on you a bit later maybe I can get it to work... smiles!!

Kari said...

I'm in agreeance with the Kindergarten girls, Graham is a little cutie!! Remember when he shared his candy with me and it melted my heart. You're going to have to keep a short leash on that one!

keysha said...

I bet it's his adorable little dimples that gets the ladies! He's such a ladies man; and doesn't even know it! (my kinda guy!)

Nicol said...

Oh my! That is so cute! I look forward, I think, to Kindergarten crushes!

Kim said...

How funny - the difference between girls and boys!!!

NatRat said...

What do you expect Kristen? The boy is darling! You got your work cut out for you...I love the young love.

Randall said...

He'll be a heartbreaker for sure! I love that the mothers have heard "A LOT" about him.

ilovepink said...

How cute!!! What an honor!

rohit said...

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Allison said...

Love it! He really is a cutie.

Kim said...

Too cute!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

It starts so early and I love that he is so unaware of it. My little guy has that same thing going on and I keep thinking, stay away you crazy girls.