Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall Break Road Trip to the Pacific Northwest!

With our oldest now in Jr. High, the kids are on different schedules.  His school is traditional and the younger two are on a year round schedule. 
 Graham had the entire week off for fall break so we decided to pull Greg and Lauren out to play hookie for a few days.
Years ago I lived in Vancouver, Washington, working across the river for Delta Airlines at PDX.  
I just love that area!   
Dan had never been before so I got to planning and off we went!

I am one of those weird trip planners, like with a spreadsheet type of planner.  Some things are good to wing it with but I like knowing where I'm going to sleep every night!  
We took off from Salt Lake last Sunday morning with out first stop being in Boise, Idaho.  
 The kids were a little wound up from being the car for five hours
 but they still managed
 a little silliness at the Boise LDS Temple!
 I really wanted this trip to be a no fast food one - its fun to try new local places and have the kids try some new foods along the way!  We stopped in Meridian at the Flatbread Neopolitan Pizzaria in the older part of town.  It had a really nice town square park next to the patio so the kids could run around and play while we ordered.  They loved making their own pizzas and the food was delicious! 
They were most looking forward to swimming that night at the hotel, it was a great first road trip day!