Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lauren's Paris Birthday Party

I haven't been great at blogging this past year but I feel like doing a few posts, especially now that all three kids are back in school all day!

Lauren celebrated her birthday earlier this year and doing a Paris theme was a total given.  
She LOVES Paris!  She likes to watch language videos on YouTube and teach herself French.  Not.kidding.  It's pretty much adorable to me!
 Welcome to Paris, Utah!  Ha!
She has the cutest bunch of friends!
 The girls tied fabric scraps onto flip flops for their craft and then we had a fashion show to model them. 
Some of the girls didn't know how to tie (??) so thankfully big brother Graham came to the rescue along with his friend that was over.  The fashion show quickly turned into a conga line around the kitchen island!
 The house got VERY loud.  
We then had the girls be fashion designers with le toilet pa-per.  You know, like you do at every single bridal shower you have ever gone to in your 20's. 
 They thought this was both disgusting and hilarious.  
We pinned the flag on the Eiffel Tower poster while getting ready serve cake and ice cream.  
 My sweet little Parisian girl.
 I usually let Lauren have one or two friends stay over to play after a party.  She gets to play with her new toys and games with friends and it feels like the party lasts a little longer for her while we clean up the aftermath!
I think this cutie had a great day!  So far being seven is great!


Desiree said...

That is the most adorable idea for a Birthday party! And I can't believe how big and beautiful she is getting. Time flies...
Looks like it was a blast-you are a good mama!