Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cascade Locks and Multnomah Falls Oregon

After deciding we were grateful to not be pioneers, we headed back on the road towards Pendleton, Oregon. 
We thought it might be a fun stop to see the woolen mill tour.
 There was a store and outlet store there, but the outlet/seconds prices were still in the hundreds, so no thanks.
 The tour was 45 minutes long.  No thank you to that too, so we took a picture and got on our way.
 I guess Pendleton is famous for a big rodeo they host every year.  The town is trashy and gross.  I was thrilled to leave and get back on the road. 
 This dog in the parking lot had the same idea...
Let's go!
We continued on to Cascade Locks in Hood, Oregon.  What a fun stop! 
You can go down below and watch the fish swim up the ladders
 And talk to your kids about the importance of getting a solid college education. There are employees who sit here 24 hours a day and COUNT FISH!  Can you imagine?  I would fall asleep.
 This is Dan lecturing the kids on getting good grades.  Then we wondered if maybe the fish counter is some guy who has a masters degree in Fish Hatchery or something.

We arrived as they were closing so we buzzed across the parking lot to the fish hatchery.
 They have machines were you can buy fish food and feed the fish.  We had fun watching them swarm after the food.
 Cute little house on the property.  It was so pretty and well manicured.  It would be the perfect place for a party or reception.
 This was the best though....
 Yeah, THAT! A sturgeon.
 We took the scenic route up to the falls.
There are a few little ones along the way that are so cute
 But THIS is what I was excited for the kids to see!
 Multnomah Falls!

 It was so beautiful there and perfect weather!
 Then we spotted these crazy people....doing handstands on that bridge!
I took some pictures and then we hiked up to the bridge.  I offered to text them to him and it turns out one of the guys was from my small little hometown in Newbury Park, California. 
 Small world, right?
Crazy for sure....