Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We Interrupt this Trip for Hiccup

Greg was reading over my shoulder and asked me why I never blogged about his Halloween costume.  
From last year.
That kid...he kills me. 
He LOVES How to Train Your Dragon.  I remember watching him at the movie theater for the first time and knowing his deepest desire at that very moment was to own and ride a dragon.

I can't say that much has changed and How to Train Your Dragon II kept the dream alive.
Until last Halloween when he at the very least was able to BECOME Hiccup. 
 He made a pretty cute Popeye back in Kindergarten....but even I was thinking this was it.  
My pinnacle of costume making right here.  
No costume I ever made could EVER beat this because I could see his little boy heart OVERJOYED when it put it all on. 
 And isn't that why we do it? 
 Magical.  My little blondie became Hiccup with a wig, a cut up thrift store jacket and vest, some belts and old boy scout patches and a lot of sewing Wal-mart faux leather on jeans and arms.
 My fingers were numb but it was worth every stitch!  I had him try it on one more time and then we sold the costume to another lucky little boy. 
 Greg wanted to pass the dream along knowing it wouldn't fit him another year later. 
Here's hoping that someday there might be dragons to fly as well for this boy of mine!