Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I've Been Lasso'ed

I've been a room mom the past two years.  I volunteer every book fair and last year I was going into Greg's class once a week and Graham's every other week.

I love helping at my kids school, but I was REALLY not wanting to be a room mom this year.  To be honest, it's just one more thing on top of running a Cub Scout Pack and all the other mom mumbo jumbo I do.  Volunteering is one thing...but room mom feels like a whole other pack meeting I have to plan for.

I thought I was in the clear until Graham brought a note home saying NO PARENTS SIGNED UP!  Really?!  Only 3 of us signed up to even come into help in the classroom!  How sad is that?  
I felt badly, for Graham really, not the teacher as much.  But I didn't want him to have sorry arse holiday parties because every other parent was "so busy.

So I said yes to room mom.  Fabulous.  


Heidi said...

You are a saint. :)

Robbie said...

I wish I could do things like be a room Mom but really can't working full time. I do volunteer at the school as much as I can because I want my child to know I believe education is very important.

You are being an AWESOME Mom. We need more like you in the public school system.

Jen Hansen said...

I signed up to be a co-room parent in Katie's class this year. This way I don't have ALL the responsibility and I can help make any food decisions during class parties. I feel that I still have to be very present during holiday shindigs because of all of her nut allergies, and this is my way of feeling that I have some sort of control!
Graham will always remember how much you helped in his classes, and when he is older and doesn't want you around as much, you will be glad you had the time to do it!

Olson's said...

Of course you did - you're good like that! I'm sure the teacher is praising your name, and will continue to do so for the rest of the year :)

Fritzi Marie said...

YOU, my dear friend, will be an amazing room mom!

love you,

Kari said...

What a lucky class to have you as Room Mom! You'll do an amazing job once again!