Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend at the Farm

I took the babies on a trip up to Firth, Idaho this weekend. My girlfriend, Kjersten's grandparents owned a farm there and it has since been passed down to her mom since they have passed away.

What a great place for the boys to roam free and play!
We of course had to make a trip to the state fair that was in Blackfoot.
Last time I had been there was for a Tanya Tucker concert circa 1992.

Boys trapped in a pig pen. Just like their rooms, they felt right at home.
Of course we had to pay through the pigs nose for Americana food.
Making goat faces.
My sweet dolly.
Bowling on the farm with wagon wheels on Sunday afternoon.
Graham took this very seriously.
We picked some yummy peaches. I'm going to freeze them for delicious things this winter.
The boys found bugs to their hearts delight. They also were able to ride a rope swing for the first time. Talk about grinning ear to ear - they thought that was the coolest.
Greg in the cow chute.
Learning to rope. He brought this rope to show and tell at preschool today. He loved it that much.
LuLu playing in the clothesline.
Cowgirl LuLu
Hide and seek in the corral.

Aside from a minor incident or two - the boys had a terrific time with Kjersten's boys and it was a great relaxing weekend! I came home feeling slightly claustrophobic though and told Dan I need more land!
I'm certainly not the farming type but I could be alright with an acre or two!

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and sent the summer out with a bang (or in our case, ye-HAW!)


kjtroxel said...

or a yippee i o kia aye (now how would one spell that???)
So much fun with Zen mamma you!

Anonymous said...

you really do win the "mom of the year" award for taking your kids on a mini vacay by YOURSELF!! Looks like it was a lot of fun:)

Kristen said...

Desiree - I'll admit I was a bit scared! The worst part was taking them to the bathroom at the rest stops! There was NO WAY I was letting my boys use the mens rooms by themselves!

Other than that it was a great time and I enjoyed my kids more this past weekend than I have in weeks. Honest.

TAMI said...

The wagon wheels are my favorite!!