Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kitchen Hutch Re-Do

I bought this gorgeous 2 piece hutch in August.....of 2012.

It's been half done for a few months now except for the doors.  They have just sat in my garage ready to get broken and there was a little voice nagging at me in my head to get the project finished already. 

The problem is, I've discovered that I love painted furniture, but I really dislike painting.  I'm more of a quick project kind of girl.  Get it done and move on.
Or in this case, find a really nice girl named Erin, pay her some cash and in four days she will call you to come pick up your completed hutch! 

I used Olympia paint from Lowe's in Gypsum.  It's not my favorite brand of paint, but this time color won out.  And it's too iffy to have the store copy white paint formulas, so I stuck with the Olympia brand this time around and it looks great!
New knobs were out of the question - I started to search for some but the holes were going to be a problem to match.  I really liked the original ones anyhow so I went to Lowe's and picked up a metallic finish spray paint and that did the trick.  

I am LOVING how this turned out, and I love even more that it is done and out of my garage!
Have you ever had a project that just sat - did you end up finishing it?  Or did you ditch it all together?

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Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Love your hutch. It reminded me of my own hutch project a year or so ago, except I painted it right in my dining room and managed to not make a mess. :)

You did a great job and the hardware looks great with the updated look.

Jenn @ said...

Love the makeover... looks so chic now!