Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5th Birthday Fairy Party

After many weeks of counting down, Lauren has turned FIVE!! 
 Hip hip hooray!  
We started out the party weekend with some of her friends over for a Fairy party.  
Her nanny bought her a new birthday dress when I was in the hospital and it matched her party colors perfectly.  She was so excited to wear it!

My good friend Natalie, at Natty Sue Designs made these really cute invites for me. 
Let me stress that I sat almost the entire party.  Dan was the best Fairy King one could ask for.  I had almost everything purchased and ready to go prior to my surgery, so all he had to do was implement it.  

We forgot a few things.  I didn't have half as many decorating details as I normally do for my kids parties.  
Lesson learned!!

 We started out making fairy houses.  
I found the cardboard bird houses online at Hofcraft for .83 cents each and bought some rhinestone stickers for the girls to put on.  I also had some silk flowers to glue on. 
  Dan's sisters, Sarah and Jaylene drove up to help with the party. 
Lauren pretty much idolizes Jaylene so she was thrilled to have her there. 
 They played a few games like Pin the bow on Tinkerbell (a poster I bought at Wal-Mart with pictures of bows I printed out online) and Hot Potato (with a fairy wand)

I pretty much recycle games for every kid party, just changing it up to fit the theme.  Lazy or smart, I can't decide.

Each of the girls got a set of glittered fairy wings to wear and keep.  They looked so cute running around the house wearing those! 
 Since there was a fiasco of 3 little girl parties in the neighborhood that day, we did the cake, presents at ice cream early, since some girls had to leave early and some got their late.  
We did a pinata downstairs.  I think I'm totally over pinatas.  
Too much stress wondering who will get whacked in the head. 
Making a very big wish on her flower cupcake!
At the end we had a little extra time and the girls watched Secret of the Wings downstairs while we waited for parents to pick up.  It was a really fun party!   
As sad as it was for me to sit there and not do much, I'm really glad we went ahead with having it.  You can't really cancel a 5 year old party without years of regret and therapy now, can you?


Karen said...

What a cutie! Sweet party :)

Kendrick and Desiree said...

You are amazing! No one would have faulted you for canceling that party due to everything you've had going on and yet you STILL put on a killer party. I cancelled Tay's 5th simply because she was being a brat. She had a month to get her act together and didn't do it so she had to wait and have a friend party for her 6th party. Yeah, you are a WAY nicer mom than I am.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the bird houses? Love them !!

Kristen said...

I wish I could remember! I did a lot of googling for cardboard birdhouse and came up with a random site here in the US that sold them. they were cheap (so perfect!) If I come across the site again I will post it here!

Kristen said...

I know it now, I ordered the houses from!