Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birthday Girl

Lauren had preschool the day before her birthday and celebrated there with her little friends.   
She was thrilled to get a pink crown, balloon and be the special helper that day. 
Two weeks ago, Lauren and I sat down and put together little treat bags to hand out to her friends at school.  Each had a cupcake, shape ruler, stickers and party horn. 
 We started off her birthday with her favorites for breakfast, pancakes! 
Not so easy to make a pancake in the shape of a 5, but Dan managed to pull it off.
She wanted one of her favorite friends, Miss P to come over and have a play date.  They are so cute together, they like painting their nails and playing Barbies.  They wanted to make Fairy Houses so they worked on that for awhile.
 Lauren and I made a cake for that night.  I saw this beautiful rose cake on the Farm Chicks blog and we decided to copy that.  It was SUPER easy to do and I thought it turned out darling!
So pretty for a Valentine week birthday celebration! 
I love this red cake stand my sister in law, Kelly gave me. 
 Pink wasn't enough, so Lauren asked to put sprinkles all over it.  We usually have birthday dinners with grandma and grandpa but I still wasn't feeling that hot and making this cake was about all I could do.  They came over later instead for cake and ice cream and to open presents. 
She made a BIG wish.  And wouldn't tell a soul. 
I was worried with my not being anywhere near back to normal yet that this might be a cruddy birthday for her.  It was low key but perfect and I think she still had a wonderful day answering telephone calls and opening up presents from her cute cousins.  
I'm still a little in shock that my baby is now FIVE!!
It seems like were JUST celebrating her first birthday last week!  


Melinda said...

That cake doesn't look easy! It looks intricate and lovely though! You must have skills! I need to learn how to decorate cakes.