Wednesday, January 9, 2013


  I took Christmas down.  It always makes me sad to do it.  My house is a mess 10 months of the year but I really think I do Christmas half way decently.  I LOVE my tree, even on years like this one where I let Greg and Lauren decorate most of it.  
 If you've been to my house and disagree with my skills, just shush.

It's way too cold here.  
I'm walking around the house wearing coats and gloves and stealing the kids snuggies at night when I watch tv.   I didn't even want to drive over the 12 houses over to my moms the other day because that would mean I would have to expose myself to the elements.  
But she's doing my laundry for the next 6 months while my new washer and dryer are waiting to arrive. So I had to go. 
 (Thanks mom)

When they arrive I will have a big party, we will have some yummy Chinese food and sit and watch my laundry being done in the laundry room.  Call me if you want an invite to that. 
You won't need a coat or gloves since it will be August by then.
 We heard about some crazy people who have way too much time on their hands down in our old neighborhood.  After seeing and not believing the pictures, we took the minis down on Sunday afternoon to investigate. 
 Quick timed race across the empty lots and back.  Except mom forgot to count.  Ha ha.  So it was a tie.
The giant snowman made with ladders and a forklift.  Arms are a golf club and rake.  Inside supposedly reinforced with steel.  Obvious identity crisis with the Utah Utes red scarf and BYU square head.  
It will probably be there until August as well so if you want to see it after my washer/dryer party, let me know and I'll send you the address.
Dan will kill me for this but look who is a total softy...Miss Darcy was shivering, even in her new pink ruffle coat.  So her nice daddy helped to warm her up.  Oh my goodness we all love this cute dog!


Heidi Totten said...

You had me at Chinese food.

Kendrick and Desiree said...

Me too! I am soo in. But I want to talk about why it will take 6 months for your washer and dryer to get here? If you were being sarcastic, I'm sorry. I normally don't catch on to sarcasm until after 10am;)

kjtroxel said...

you are hilarious! I think a table could fit in your laundry room for the party...and I am totally coming!

Melinda said...

Chinese food and the warmness of the dryer sound good to me! Haha! I LOVE that picture of Dan and Darcy! SO sweet!

Sarah said...

Hi Kristen! Hopped over from Dash It All and am your newest follower! I absolutely HATE taking Christmas down too, such a depressing day realizing I have to wait another 11 months to put it all out again! Your family, including little Miss Darcy, is darling and I hope you have a great 2013. Please stop by and follow back if you feel so inclined!