Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ending the Year

We went over to my parents house for dinner.  My dad still wasn't feeling all that hot so we had the kids open presents in their room so he could be around all the excitement with the kids.  
We decided that we had enough toys around this house to last us awhile and thought a family membership to the local rec center would be a fun family gift.  But just telling the kids that would be sort of boring. 
So I wrapped up three presents.  Each one had an envelope with a puzzle in it, and they had to open the those in a certain order.
 Putting together the first puzzle...
 Lauren's envelope had $500 cash in it (for the membership...)  This explains her huge reaction and her thinking that the money was hers for a brief second.
 Another puzzle asking if they could guess what all that money was for.
 And the third puzzle telling them it was for the rec center.  They were SO excited!  They love going there and it will cover going to the outdoor pool in the summer as well.  
So it was all a bit silly, but prolonged the anticipation of opening up a gift and they were thrilled at what was inside when they finally figured it out!
 They made a New Years cake all by themselves.  I let go and walk away, letting them have total control in the kitchen.  They had so much fun baking, frosting and decorating our 2013 cake!
  Singing Happy Birthday to the New Year and making a New Years wish!  

I can't believe it's 2013! 
 I hope all your New Years wishes come true!


Unknown said...

oh my goodness!!! What lucky kids! I love the puzzle idea The excited look on Lulu's face is precious!