Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lego Late Over Birthday Party

 The parties just keep coming around here!  
After a small celebration for my dad who turned 70 (hooray!!) we moved on to Greg turning.....
Since we like birthdays to drag out forever, we started on Friday by me bringing in cupcakes to share with his class at school.
He got to wear the birthday "necklace" and obviously loved hearing his class sing to him!
 That night he invited some of his good friends over for a 

Miss Natalie over at Natty Sue Designs made this awesome invite for us:
We did a similar party like this for Graham's 8th birthday also.  
It's a really fun theme that the boys love and not too stressful for me.  Which is what I needed!  
I am getting better and better everyday, but I'm no where near 100% yet so I am still trying to take it easy!
Dan put up some simple decorations and the boys set up the tables and chairs for me.  

As the boys arrived they played with a huge pile of Legos and waited for the rest of their friends.  
 Dan & Lauren went and picked up pizzas and breadsticks.  
We had 2 slices left over!
Hungry boys!
 We played a few Lego games...the first was where they sat in a circle and started building for 1 minute.  When the time was up, they passed their creation on to the next person who added onto it. 
After about 7-8 turns, the last person had to explain to the group what the creation was/used for.  We got some REALLY creative and unique explanations.  It was hilarious!
 Next up?  Lego Chopsticks!  
They had one minute to see how many Lego's the could pick up using the chop sticks.   We did this a few times, they loved this game!

Last up was the Lego Memory Game.  I put some odds and ends on a cookie sheet and they all had a short amount of time to look at the objects.  We then took the objects away and they had to write down what they remembered.

Lauren totally WON this game.  The boys were super sore losers to find out that a 5 year old girl smoked them.  Too bad, so sad.  

We all went downstairs to watch the Lego movie, Clutch Powers  
Have you seen it?  It's awesome!  The boys were mesmerized!  

We came up later for cupcakes and ice cream.   
I have gotten more use out of this cupcake stand, I love it!
I found these awesome Lego minifigure and brick molds on ebay
to make the cupcake toppers out of melted chocolate. 
I used the brick mold for crayon favors, really easy!
 I think the boys, and most importantly, Greg, had a great time!
 We are so happy that he has such a great group of friends.  They are all so fun and nice to each other.  

Happy 8th Birthday Gregory John!  We love you! 


Melinda said...

That last picture is so sweet! Also I love that Lauren won the Lego memory game! Girl power!

Anonymous said...
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Cynthia @ Oh So Pinteresting said...

What a cute idea for the cupcakes and you took a great picture of them too! What a fun party!

Cynthia @ Oh So Pinteresting said...

What a neat idea for the cupcakes and you took an awesome picture too! Looks like a fun party.