Friday, August 1, 2014

Field Trip to Provo

The older my kids get the more disenchanted I am becoming with public school.  I had no troubles pulling Graham out from class yesterday for a few hours in order for him to go and earn a merit badge.  
Brigham Young University isn't too far from us and often offers really cool opportunities for scouts to earn merit badges in different fields.  The Museum of Peoples and Cultures had one for Archaeology yesterday that we signed up for.
The boys watched a short slide show and then they had the scouts participate in a mock dig!  How cool is that?  
Graham really enjoyed it and I enjoyed wandering around the BYU bookstore for a few hours by myself.  I even stopped to get my haircut...which was random but I am about 3 months overdue for one (very long story, but my friend who does my hair has cancer.)  A lovely girl named Aimee at Salon 1030 came to my rescue and gave me a simple trim.  For FOURTEEN DOLLARS. 
What?  I walked out of there super happy, feeling college girl cute and was frugal to boot.  Win win win! 
I picked the boys up and we went straight to the Bean Museum to show Graham's friend the Liger. 

 I remember watching Napoleon Dynamite thinking she made that up.  Oh no friends, it's real and we saw it!
Meet Shast, the Liger.

We zipped over to the BYU Creamery where we were engulfed in a sea of EFY attendees on their break.  They treated Graham and Luke like rock stars high fiving the boys and saying things like "Boys Scouts are Awesome!"  I don't think they minded one bit. Can't wait to send my kids to EFY on campus in a year or two!

We had a great time!  I'm now looking for other places to earn merit badges like this, they really made it quick, easy but very informative for the kids!  


Desiree said...

How fun! Your a fun mom:) My favorite part of this post though? That first line about being disenchanted. I am so glad I'm not alone in my irritation... I've been having an internal struggle for like 9 months now on whether or not I think public school is the right option for us. It's nice to know that other "normal" parents have concerns too.