Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In Go the Floors!

 For our cabinets...I worked with this awesome guy named Cory at MC Mill & Design here in Utah.  He was recommended by the lady who does my hair and I was sold instantly when I got his bid. 
 He was very nice and professional.
His bid came in less than half of our home improvement store quotes... but for fully custom job 
 I poured over Pinterest and magazines for months, but ended up using a design from a magazine that my sister in law happened to send me.  I love seeing all the painted cabinets but I was really just going for simplicity.  We know this isn't our forever home and I wanted to keep things prefect for me, but also perfect for anyone who happened to buy it in the next 10 years.
 The floors were going in and the kids talked us into hanging stockings and putting up the cheapy tree. 
 The big boxes in the living room are the best things we purchased....TOTO Drake toilets from Home Depot.  
NOT kidding.  
The ones we had before were horrible.  As in, the boys plunged a toilet weekly upstairs.  So gross.  These had a review that stated that "Al Bundy couldn't even clog this thing up."  
Even at $256.00 each,who could resist a review like that? 
Besides, toilet shopping is not very fun and I wanted it to be quick. 

I am happy to report that after 6 months, we have not used a plunger ONCE in our house.  
That alone has made that money well spent.
 Front room - floors.
Then the exciting stuff started to happen...Cory and his crew started to install the cabinet boxes.  We had the island extended by a whole bank of cabinets to give us some extra space and storage.  
SO glad we did this!
 We chose taller cabinets that would extend as high up as we could with the slanted ceiling.  This gave me another shelf at the top of each cabinet for storage. 
Dan pretending to look happy that this is moving along.