Friday, July 18, 2014

The Bathroom Wanted in on the Action

Why stop with just the kitchen?  
We should totally re-do the bathrooms too.  
Because nothing is better than not having a place to cook AND not having a place to bathe. 
 At the same time. 
 Our reasoning was this...look carefully at the bottom left corner of the shower.  The wall was coming off.  Nothing was there anymore.  After hearing from some other Centex homes owners, we were sure this was causing mold.  We ripped out the shower KNOWING we would find it everywhere. 
Guess what? 
We didn't.  

Yes, I just quoted Scooby Doo.  Because I felt as stupid as a cartoon dog by adding on to the already huge project/expense.
 So this is when you sweetly ask your husband what he thinks about putting a tile shower in.  He is cranky about the project and says "Whatever you want babe.
Dan is pretty great like that.
 We went with Surface Art Venetian Reale Collection porcelain tile in Napoli.
 This was going to be used in our bathroom as well as the kids bathroom floor upstairs. 
 Then there is this moment where you joke with the tile guy that you hope he installs the right color.  And you inspect the box he opens - YUP!  
Right color!  
Except the box he showed you was the FLOOR tile (right color) and the WALL tile box was left unopened (not the right color.)
 And you have to break the news to him the next morning that it's wrong.  
 It was very brown....
He gets a little angry with you and you hope he doesn't key your car on the way out. 
It was nice enough, but I didn't really want two tile colors going on. 
 We had to completely reorder everything since matching up the color lots would be nearly impossible.  Add another eight days onto your project. 
Color #2 was chosen and this time I went with the same company and tile, but choose Antique Onyx.  
I love it even better than the first choice!

And you wait....
 In the meantime we expanded the shower and made it 6" bigger.  Doesn't sound like much but it is a huge difference!
 I realized last minute that I could add a niche!  There are SO many details that go into these projects that the simplest ones somehow get lost.  
I love having this now, so glad it occurred to me to put it in!
 The shower was opened up, sealed, Dan installed a new drain.
I picked out the new fixture at Lowes. It's the Kohler Linwood model and we love the rain shower feature.  



Desiree said...

I love these posts! I love all the little details you share: the brands, the colors, the designs and where you bought everything. I have been waiting for these posts! Keep them coming. Yes, I know I sound like a nerd...I don't even care.