Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Goodbye Forever Honey Oak!

Can't say that I'll miss you!  
This was one expensive part of the project and honestly, I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.  Even if they did a decent job on the railings, there are a few spots that I think could have been done better and their employees were RUDE. 
But it's done so here's what we sense having the railings not match to the new floors, so we had them stained to match. 

It's a HUGE stinky mess but it was worth it since it really changed the look of the upstairs!
They matched the flooring color exactly so when we look down the hallway. two wood colors won't be glaring at me. 
 I kept the white posts because I love the look....but man, this cost me as much to restain as it did for us to do the posts instead of a solid wall when we built.  Maybe if we weren't in such a rush to get this all done and Dan didn't already have a to do list a mile long, we could have done this ourselves.  I've seen other bloggers tackle it, it just wasn't the project for us.
 Ta-da!  Isn't is gorgeous!?  Here are the new railings with the new carpet installed.  
 Speaking of which, we chose Mohawk Comfortably Classic patterned carpet in Natural Grain. 
 It has darker squares that tie everything together, it is very soft and VERY durable.  I really wanted a low pile textured carpet on the stairs that could take a beating from the kids and I'm so glad I went with this.  
Six months later it still looks beautiful without a single traffic pattern! 

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Robin Wray said...

So gorgeous. I, too, am having some of my dark oak painted. My kitchen is about done! Come see my journey, if that is something that would interest you. (I would suggest you turn off comment moderation. You'll be surprised how many more comments you'll get. Just trying to help another blogger out!)

Kristen said...

I normally do have it off, there seems to have been an influx of spam on my blog lately that was becoming so annoying! So I turned that on for a few weeks to see if it might help to divert them elsewhere! Can't wait to pop over and see what you've been up to!