Sunday, July 13, 2014

Are you Floored Yet?

Bwah ha haaa!  Get it?  Floored?  Bored?  
Oh, okay, nevermind....

I am going to start out by prefacing I am not a blogger who gets free stuff.  I guess you have to blog regularly about things for that to actually happen.  ;)  So any product or review I mention from here on out about our house remodel is the cold hard truth and it came straight from our wallet.  I wasn't paid a dime or given a thing for this mess I got us into!
 We got going on pulling up the carpet on a Saturday morning, we were expecting the new flooring to be delivered first thing Monday morning.  

We gave away and sold almost all of our furniture and moved the rest to the garage.  
We ordered California Classics Reserve Collection planks in Paso Robles. It is 100% hand carved, has 8 coats Valspar finish, (means it's TOUGH!) and has 4-6-8" random width. It's a gorgeous medium brown color.  I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!
 I should add we ordered all of our flooring, tile and carpet from Chris at Wholesale Flooring Resource in Lindon.  He was SO great to work with, gave me some great ideas, but most importantly he was more than patient with me in the decision and install process.  The prices were great but his professionalism in handling our large order was more than impressive.  
 The unexpected problem we had with the floors was that our linoleum installer 10 years ago had a zeal about his work that left us thousands of nails that needed to be pulled out.  We started to hammer them down when we learned that doing so can cause your new floor to squeak.  So we called for back up!  

"Um, Dad, what are you doing today?"
 We also had to great friends, Jamie and Ryan, come by to help pull out nails that Sunday.  We were SO grateful for them!
 Flooring delivered!  It needed to sit for 3-4 days to acclimate to our home temperature. We also started to remove the old cheap blinds.
 The boys and my nephew Levi were awesome helpers. 
 Island out! 
 Cabinets out!
 Baseboards out!
 Trashy side yard, the demo was actually pretty fun.  I removed every single inch of baseboard and tack strips in the house.  
What a project!!
 Dan's brothers came by with their trailer and helped us load it all to take to the dump.
 We had fun watching these Eagle Scouts whip up knots to tie things down.  They had this loaded up so fast!
Meanwhile, the flooring guys came back to install and the wood was not ready.  WHAT?  They have these measuring tools that tells them when they can install and I guess the winter air here made it take FOREVER to get going.  So they had to unpack all the flooring while we waited an additional TWO WEEKS for it to be ready. 

If you don't wait for the floors to acclimate, horrible things like this can happen...
I had the option of giving the guys the go ahead a few days prior, but I asked them "When would you install it in your OWN home?"  They told me to wait.  
So far we've had zero problems with the flooring as far as install goes.  
Sometimes it's worth it to be patient. 
Which is fine but man we were getting sick of microwaving our dinner in the garage and eating out!  
And it was only week two!


Desiree said...

I love these posts! Keep them coming please:) This whole process is so fascinating to me. And I can't wait to see the end result...