Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catching Up

Last I posted we were having a grand time with the kids being off track.  Then two days later I ended up in the emergency room.  

If you are ever trying to make it to the emergency room in a hurry - do not have your mother drive you.  She will go into panic/auto mode which will make her car drive you to the nearest shopping center.  :)

I've been having problems with my gallbladder for about a year now and finally was scared into avoiding anything and everything that might aggravate it.  No cheese, butter, creamy stuff, sauces, very little get the picture.  Which has resulted me losing a considerable amount of weight - but the more I lost, the more frequent the attacks.  So that sucker came out the next morning and the after 1 painkiller and a weekend at home, I was feeling great!  

Dan took pictures - this is where that picture would go if I wasn't horrified by this. 

It's nice not to feel scared of when that might happen to me again!

We celebrated Graham's 10th birthday!  
He didn't want a big party this year, just to go to Boondocks with his 2 best buddies.  We had a blast and it was a great birthday for him!  
We are so proud of Graham, he is such a sweet and considerate boy and is a grand negotiator.  He can always think of five different ways to do something better or more efficiently.  
(If only he would apply this to his room cleaning skills, right?)
And smart!  He was selected to attend the gifted science symposium with our school district in the spring and he is so excited about that!

And since we needed more excitement in our lives with such a boring month (ha!) we bought this precious girl.  Meet Miss Darcy, Duchess of Knightsbridge!  She is a King Charles Cavalier and is the sweetest puppy!  

Cavaliers come from England - and if they were good enough for Queen Victoria, they are good enough for me.  
Thus the name "Darcy" (get in THE Mr. Darcy, but.. she's a girl)  and I am obsessed with all things EnglishKnightsbridge was a favorite area of mine to spend a Saturday afternoon when I lived in London.  
We looked for about a year to find the dog in the breed we wanted and a tri-color (at the right price!)
Isn't she the sweetest?  We love her to death!  I will love her even more when she stops biting my toes and eating Lauren's headbands.  


Mary Ann classic casual home said...

Happy birthday Graham. Glad you are feeling better.

kjtroxel said...

Graham is rad! HB dude
Gall Stones suck! glad its out :)
Darcy won my heart the moments she jumped in my lap...bit my toes...gave me puppy kisses!

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Anonymous said...
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