Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Let's Discuss...

Everything that can happen, tends to happen when you are already a crazy, busy wife and mom.  It never happens on the week that there is nothing scheduled on the calendar and the house is clean!
For instance:
  • Breaking your favorite hot chocolate mug that you just got hand delivered to you from California.  Because I refuse to drink from a Utah mug. was the perfect size too. 
  • your dad having a stroke and being in the hospital (that is 45 minutes away) for two weeks and over Christmas :(  
  • Your washer dying a slow death
  • Driving 3 hours one way to a wedding so your kids can see their East coast cousins, if only for a few hours
  •  Going to your husbands fancy work dinner party with really nice co-workers and getting a SWEET Christmas bonus.  
  • Thinking for a split second you get to use the bonus to go to London or put in granite counter tops
  • The washer = DEAD.
  • Spending Christmas bonus 24 hours later on a new washer/dryer (at least I got the pedestals that match
  • Finding out c-sections have ruined you and needing surgery that requires 6-8 week recovery time 
  • Getting said surgery scheduled for New Years Eve - SUCK!
  • Oh wait, no.  Insurance needs up to a month to approve this.  WHAT?!  No planning this out I guess.
  • Realizing that Christmas is 6 days away and you have not wrapped a single thing
  • Or that you have no present for your husband
  • Washer/Dryer won't be here for 7-14 days. :(  Piles of clothes building
  • Losing 2 more pounds - YAY!
  • My hair dryer EXPLODING (sparks! fire!) allowing me to splurge and get one that might last me more than 6 months
I think this is all I can handle.  No, really.  It's plenty, thanks.
It can always be worse right?  Someone always has things worse.  All the events have actually made me feel blessed that if THESE are my trials, then I am a very lucky girl.
But I think I need a mocha.


Olson's said...

Oh my! I just replied to your email and said that you are one of the most considerate people I know...with all thats going on I don't how you even remembered to email me! But your especially good like that.

I'm really sad about your dad - I know just how hard it is to drive downtown while someone is in the hospital for a lengthy period, but over Christmas season has got to be especially tough on your time and wallet :( Hoping for a more-speedy recovery for your dad.

And BTW, you do need a mocha! Get an extra big one for me and enjoy it.

Desiree said...

Suck! Our washer went out last week too and the new one just got delivered today. I never realized how much laundry contributes to having a clean house. Our house has been a disaster since last Wednesday (when our washer died). I have been slowly sinking into a depression as I feel like we are turning into slobs because of our lack of clean towels. I'm so sorry about your mug and your dad and your needing surgery. Guess it'll be another few months before we get around to actually having that movie night huh? Hopefully by then your life will be pure bliss and EVERYTHING will be going well for you!!! I love you and I miss you.