Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  
I spent Christmas Eve driving 30 miles an hour on the freeway to head up to the University Hospital to visit my dad. 
The kids had made some sugar cookies for Santa and decided to make a few special ones for Grandpa.
We had a short Christmas Eve lesson and then hurried back on the road home before it got much worse. 
The kids loved playing in the wheelchair and I think all the noise they made had my dad grateful we were leaving so soon.  

We got home in time to clean up the kitchen and get ready for our traditional Christmas Eve Dinner - pizza and sparkling cider.  Afterward, the kids said their good-bye to Trixie the Elf and got to open one gift each (which is always new pj's)
We headed downstairs to read "The Night Before Christmas" and watch some Christmas videos put out by the church.  
A new favorite is the story of the red coat.  A short 2 minute video with a simple message of showing compassion and love to others.
 I was shocked and delighted at how fast they fell asleep and we got to work!  
I didn't get to bed until 2 a.m.  :(
Christmas morning the kids started ringing their bells and we all went out to see what Santa had brought.  
We gave the kids half of what we normally do, mostly due to my lack of planning.  
I'm sure some of it was done sub consciously since the clutter in my house is driving me mad.  
The thought of more sends me over the edge. 
 They were still beyond thrilled - so happy and grateful.  We gave Lauren an umbrella and I thought she was going to DIE with happiness.  
We couldn't stop laughing she was so excited about this!
 I could NOT find a BYU snuggie to save my life, so my sweet friend Julie sewed these for me.  
 I love that the kids loved them - this was the present I was most excited to give them!  Perfect for movie nights downstairs! 
 We had a nice, relaxing morning and then went down to Orem to see Dan's family for a late lunch.  We drove back downtown to see my dad again for a little while and then headed to Temple Square to see the lights. 
 The Visitors Center wasn't open but it was great to see all the beautiful lights and I loved that there was hardly any crowds. 
 The kids loved the life sized nativity scene and it was really touching to listen and watch this on Christmas Day.  
We didn't plan this all out but it was really the perfect way to end the day.
 I am no professional photographer, although I love trying...this picture makes me laugh.  
Dan and I kept trying to get a shot of the two of us..we aren't very good at accomplishing this most times. 
 I loved all the pretty luminaries and lanterns.
 Dan and I walked around looking at the lights on Temple Square for our first date 12 years ago.  So this could have been really romantic - but we had 3 kids and a Darcy with us.  So it wasn't. 
That's okay - I'll trade that for a evening with these cuties.    We hurried and left to pick my mom up at the airport, came home and went to bed.  

It was a long and busy day, but really perfect,  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  The wheels in my mind are already spinning on my New Years resolutions - but you know how I love a good project!