Saturday, October 13, 2012

Downtown Fieldtrip

The kids and I met up with a friend on Tuesday to walk around downtown Salt Lake.  I used to live a block from here at the Brigham Apartments when I was single and I rarely make it down here anymore. 
 We started off at the church history museum.  If you have never been, it's always a fun (and free) place to take kids with lots of hands on exhibits. 
 Large replica of ship that pioneers came over from Europe on.  
 A family of five sleeping in here each night?  Uh - no thanks!
 The boys thought this model of downtown Salt Lake was pretty cool
 A replica of the Conference Center pulpit. After just having conference weekend the boys played here forever pretending to give super silly talks to me.
 Building a ship
 Lauren practicing her Latina dancing
 Shhh...don't let Greg know I caught him trying it out also!
 Lauren LOVES the Salt Lake City temple and me telling her about our wedding day there.  Any resemblance to a fairy tale castle is instant love for her.  She had so much fun pretending to be a bride and was even more excited to see a few real brides that day on the grounds.
 View from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building
 Greg and Lauren being silly and re-enacting Dan's proposal to me.  Minus the walking around for hours in 103 degree July heat while he worked up the nerve to ask me.
 We stopped for lunch at City Creek and then headed home. 
 The kids had so much fun just being outside most of the day and seeing everything downtown. 
My stupid mom moment.  I told the kids to remember where we parked.  Graham then tells me..
 "Mom. Just take a picture of it so we know and won't forget!" 
This came in handy 4 hours later when I was thinking we parked on Level P5?

There is no P5 friends.  
Thank goodness for smart 9 year olds with bright ideas.