Friday, October 5, 2012

So 26 days of....

Dan hijacked the computer yesterday.  Which was fine since I needed to be downstairs on the treadmill watching Glee anyhow.  Did you see the "Break Up" episode last night.  So sad - even fake break ups stink.  

Everyone is busy, but this month has felt even more so than usual for me with all the sports activities and Dan working later hours.  
I feel like I am drowning some days and my house is drowning also. You would think when it gets like this I would want to work extra hard to get my act together.  

But I don't. 
 I sit here and just look at it and feel overwhelmed and very discouraged.  And then I get a little cranky.

So my 26 days "thing" is making my drowning house feel more like HOME.  
Cozy, warm.  

I'm going to take care of 1-2 irritating things (to me) each day.
Before pictures might be absent but after pics will for sure be happening!