Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo!

I was thinking of hosting a fun party with the theme of  
"We are not Mexican but grew up in Southern California and that's close enough so come over and eat guacamole with us."

I mean, I DID got to high school with La Bamba's own Lou Diamond Phillip's cousin.  
Um...we ended up just making quesadillas and getting insulation for our basement instead.

This day has some great memories for our family.  

Like the 2002 Cinco De Mayo Clothing Massacre which marks the last day Dan has ever done laundry in this marriage. 
I was emotionally overcharged pregnant woman. 
He was the one who shrunk five of my brand new maternity shirts.
Lucky for him, he discovered that I'm quick to forgive and forget once the apology comes.  

Another favorite was 2008 when beautiful Lauren had her blessing day.  She looked so tiny and sweet.  We had so much family with us.  It was a great day.
I doubt this year will be as memorable but maybe I'll think more about hosting that party for next year!


kjtroxel said...

ole` a few days late ;)

Kelly said...

We have Cinco de Mayo (Finko de Mayo? Cinco de Finko? We can't decide) themed hostess-ware coming out our ears, if you ever decide to celebrate the CdMCM and need a loaner.