Monday, May 3, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week, etc, etc.

I volunteered to do Graham's teacher's door for Teacher Appreciation Week.  I consider his teacher to also be a friend of mine so I was happy to do it! Sorry about the bad lighting...
I think I might post some more for ideas but I need to crop the teachers names off of them first.
I thought it turned out pretty cute despite there being three other doors with the exact.same.saying.
 While I stayed home and dug the junk out of our master bedroom (it had become a dumping ground and I needed to find the floor) Dan took the boys to the Scout O Rama.  They had SO much fun!!  Here the boys are watching a rocket get caught in the ceiling. 
On Sunday we had the privilege of attending church at the MTC in Provo.  It was Dan's dad's last Sunday there for his calling and we had the bonus of seeing my cute sister in law Sarah who is in there now!  She is preparing to serve a Spanish speaking mission in Spokane, Washington and just went into the MTC last Wednesday.  So it was a rare treat to be able to see her - I don't think that happens very often. 
 Blurry picture of Graham and I.  
He was one happy boy when he discovered a cereal dispenser with Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms and a myriad of other sugar cereals.
 Eating dinner there only got better when they saw the all you can eat ice cream sundae bar.  
Heaven help me if the boys ever discover buffets in Vegas.  I'll never get them home again!
 Dan with his youngest sister, Jaylene.  She is one of the sweetest girls I know.  
Lauren LOVES Jaylene. 
I love Dan - look at that cute boy I married!  
 The boys pointing out where they want to serve their missions.  Graham = Belgium 
Gregory = Italy
Home of chocolate and pasta of course. 
 Looking at a first edition Book of Mormon.  This is where Greg promptly told me, "Mom, I am outta here." 
And left. 
They were tired by this point. I think they had fun.  
Quite a few missionaries stopped the boys and talked to them and no one could take their eyes off LuLu.  A lot of these missionaries are I'm sure missing their brothers and sisters and it's a rare thing to see little children in the MTC. 

Stopping to smell the flowers outside.
Gorgeous mountains out front.  We came home and crashed.  It had been a long weekend with so many other things worked in.  Dan and I saw "Date Night" for our date night (loved it!) soccer games and a lot of working in the basement.  
We are getting ready for insulation friends. I'm sorry if I talk a lot about the basement but I am SO excited to see this project coming to an end!


kjtroxel said...

What a great weekend!
I bet all those missionaries loved seeing your darling family. They do miss home...

That is a darling pic of Dan (not flirting...just agreeing!)

Smart boys in their mission choices. Who knows, maybe they will be chosen to serve in those countries...wouldn't that be awesome!

Kristen said...

Your boys are so cute! Lu Lu too... OF COURSE!!! What a fun experience to eat cereal at the MTC :). I know that would have been the highlight for my boys! Have a great night... "The Other Kristen"

Kari said...

Your door turned out great...I knew it would!!
How fun to spend time in the MTC and what an added bonus to get to eat there! Your boys look like little handome!!

Melinda said...

That is so awesome that you were able to take your boys to the MTC! What a wonderful way to get them excited to go on a mission! Looking at your pictures brought back fond memories for me. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

How fun! We were going to take our boys to the Scout O Rama but we weren't all that sure that they would like it. Seeing your pictures makes me sad we didn't take them. Instead Kendrick stayed home and rearranged the garage and hurt his back.
We drove to the Provo Temple on Sunday afternoon and were getting such a kick out of seeing all the missionaries there taking pictures. Kendrick made the comment, "They are all at the temple because they are STARVING and they need something to do before dinner!"