Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

 Did all of you moms have a lovely day?  
I hope so.  I know Dan and the minis made it all very nice for me.  I felt very loved today.
Well, I almost always feel loved. 
But it's been a rough week for me and the love felt extra poured on this weekend!
 The boys helped Dan makes a yummy french toast breakfast - after I slept in until 9.
I NEVER sleep in - so that was a rare treat!
I got some funny cards from them...
LuLu's masterpiece.  Dan knows I love cards from them better than gifts.
Someone helped LuLu draw a baseball on hers.
 Getting ready for church...Graham was taking his own sweeeeeet time getting in the picture.
 Oh here he is...but now LuLu was cheesin it up.
 This is a little better.  I love these three wigglie worms.  
The boys were able to go up and sing a song in church with the Primary today.  My favorite part was watching my boys walk up with their arms slung around each other.  

Have you ever noticed that there is always an obnoxious kid or two who sing REALLY loud for things like this?
 I am so glad my boys aren't like that.  It would drive me crazy to have a "performer" type of kid. 
 I might have to eat my words...Lauren might be heading in that direction.   
I'm sure then I'll think it's adorable!  HA!

Another great part of the day was finding that I have my scriptures on my PHONE!  That means I have 10 pounds less to lug to church every Sunday!  I'm sure everyone in Sunday School thought I was Tweeting or Texting...I will assure you I was NOT! 
I was tempted....but I didn't! I promise!
 Dan bought me an American Flag for the porch (I've been wanting one for 5 years and it's just not something that has ever been high I loved that he remembered I mentioned that recently.)
We went to my mom and dad's for dinner and Dan brought yummy cucakes from My Sweet Tooth Fairy for dessert.
Mmmm....we were cutting them up so we could all have nibbles of the different flavors.
I love the Strawberry Shortcake one! 
My gardenia corsage laid to rest.  I LOVE gardenias.  Besides peonies, they are my favorite flower.  When I was growing up we would go visit my grandparents on Sundays in Marina Del Rey.  There was a gardenia bush right near the driveway and the smell brings back such lovely memories for me. 
We had a table at our wedding of all our grandparents and our parents wedding photographs with candle votives and floating gardenias.  
So they are very sentimental to me.  

I love that Dan takes the boys to buy me a corsage. How often does a girl get to wear pretty flowers?

I hope you all had a wonderful day!  


Parker said...

Happy Mother's Day Dear Friend.
I'm so happy that your day was so full of pretty.
You look beautiful.
love you,

p.s. Every other ward I have been in has said women over 18 too. I think that is the way it should be. hugs

Melinda said...

Those cupcakes look delicious! You deserve them!

kjtroxel said...

and well deserved!
you look beautiful!

Kelly said...

I had gardenias in my wedding bouquet too! And we have gardenia bushes in our front yard and back. They bloom in June, and I LOVE to have my windows open for about two weeks.