Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New LDS Doctrine?

So today I was talking to Graham about President Hinckley passing away yesterday. This is a snipet of our conversation:
G: So he's dead?
M: Yes. But he was very old and now he's living with Heavenly Father again.
G: How old was he?
M: 97
G: How old is grandma and grandpa?
M: Not nearly that old
G: How old is Nanny and Papa?
M: Not that old either.
G: So he gets to go to Heaven and then he will be born again?
(This is where Greg pipes in, very loudly)
Greg: YES!!! He is BORN AGAIN!!!!!

So I guess my Greg is taking on a more Evangelical approach to all of this. Graham just asked if he could finish watching his cartoon and the conversation was over.


keysha said...

Kids do have a better perspective on things than us old, matter-of-fact adults. Little smarty pants!