Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Don't Do Pet Stores

Graham has a last minute rescheduled field trip in the morning....to a pet store. I hate that the teacher hypes this up with the kids and then you look like a bad parent for not wanting to take them. I'm all for fire station, bank, bakeries and other such field trip destinations. I am NOT all for pet stores. I hate them. Dan takes the boys often to look at Pet Smart, the Aquarium and other places around the valley to look at fish, iguanas, etc. Alone. I don't go on these excursions.

I think pet stores stink. I cannot stand the smell of them. I don't even like animals. Dogs being the exception, but even with those I'm super particular and if I touch one I have to wash my hands immediately afterwards. My house will never have snakes, cats (the worst) lizards, birds or anything else that requires a cage and poopage clean-up. Graham can count his lucky stars that he has a fish tank in his room. I have a feeling someday that Dan will get his saltwater fish tank when we finish the basement. But that is not anytime soon either. So it looks like Dan will be taking the boys out on Saturday to a late version of the field trip while I'm off getting my pre-baby pedicure. Just as it should be I think.


Heidi and Judd said...

Oh my goodness, I agree with you on so many levels of this! I am so the same, I hate the smell of pet stores! I HATE mice, I can't even walk by them! So gross!!