Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"I Going HOME!"

Greg and I had some nice quiet time last night. The boys had a full day of sledding, hot chocolate, cookie making and then more sledding. Greg is not known for his love of being cold, but does a great job at tolerating it just so he can join in the fun.

He looked over at me last night and said "I got snow in my face." Me: "Uh oh - did you like that?" Greg; "NO!"

Dan told me later that Greg had wanted to go down the slide at the park and with the slick snow pants and wet slide, he went really fast and plopped hard at the bottom getting snow all over his face. He then proceeded to give up the sliding adventure (on the playground and the sled hill) and started wandering around aimlessly. Dan had to call him back over and when asked where he was going?.... "I going HOME!"

I guess everyone has their limits. Greg had just met his. He is so like me, when the fun is over, we are SO outta there!


Trina said...

Oh my gosh! Is he just like you, or what? What a sweet, sweet, boy. He'll be a good big brother. I've got you with T'Pau. I'm on it. REally, I am. That song just cannot be forgotten!