Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poor Dan - I really don't know how this happened but he has two boys who are (in his words) Gear Heads. They love cars. Dan loves computers. Hopefully they will find a common ground before the teenage years hit.
But I was so proud today while taking the boys to Target to get their Valentine's. Greg went straight to the Cars and would not let go. OK. Graham then did the same. Then he noticed the Lego ones. He asked me which ones I wanted him to get (???? whose kid is this and since when does he ask my opinion on anything?) After telling him I would be happy with whatever he choose as long as it made him happy, he did a two step bounce and excitedly said, " OH MY GOSH MOM! THEY HAVE NASCAR!"
Wha???? He started telling me things about the Nascar world that I never knew of. We don't watch it nor have never seen a race. From that standpoint of tv watching the boys should know more about HGTV and all things house and home than cars.
This means he is hopefully phasing out of his love of Lightening McQueen. We love McQueen but enough is enough, right? And I might have to see about Dan taking boys to a real racetrack to see the cars very soon.


Parker said...

This is too funny. I am so thrilled you are going to have a girl soon to talk about girl stuff with. You're boys are adorable.

keysha said...

Oh yeah! I can picture you as a Nascar lady.....hanging out at the races on the weekend! Valentines already? You really are on the ball!

Kris said...

I sort of have to be - with me in the hospital, Dan might send Graham to his preschool party with a bag of carrots if I don't watch out!