Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just a Little Crush!

I volunteer to help at Graham's preschool once a month. I love it. It's interesting to see how he is doing on his school work first hand and how he interacts with the teacher and the other children.

Graham is not as shy as he was last year, but is still a bit reserved when it comes to school. Which is not a bad thing, I've noticed that he stays away from the one trouble maker kid "because Mrs. S has to tell him to be quiet a LOT, Mom!" So when I was helping today I looked over at the story time area to see Graham sitting there nicely and a little brown haired girl walked right up to him with her carpet square and got it as CLOSE to him as she possibly could.

I could tell he wasn't too sure about this, but tolerated as much as his little five year old self could. Later on Mrs. S told me that they have been doing everything together at school over the last two weeks but could tell Graham might be feeling a bit "smothered." (And really, what boy likes that? None that I know.)
She is just darling... I almost wanted to whisper to her "Offer him your animals cookies at break time and you will have his heart forever!" But decided I want his heart to be only mine a little while longer. Ah...young love. So glad Grahamie is still oblivious!


NatRat said...

What is up with all these little boys having crushes...I just read about another one. I want my little Coop to have a crush (kind of):) Maybe he does and he just doesn't feel that comfortable to tell me about it.