Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Car!

Finally!!! Dan and I buckled down and got serious, did some compromising and we are both really happy with our new car! We went out yesterday morning (thanks again mom and dad for babysitting!) and headed over to CarMax where we saw a 2006 Sienna on-line. Sold. To someone else, who knows when. So it was off to Karl Malone Toyota where I had seen two other Sienna's on-line. One was in the middle of a sale as we got there, (right as they opened!) and the other had milage a little higher than we liked and then when they opened the van it was trashed inside. Fair enough since a used van in Utah is going to get used hard, right? But that doesn't mean that *I* have to drive it!
I was not excited, especially when the salesman (um, college kid?) showed us a gross brown one. NO. No. noooo...! I really didn't want an 8 passenger either, I wanted the captains chairs in the 2nd row where the boys could walk through the middle to the back. If I was going to give in to the dark side and drive a mini-van, I wanted what I wanted in it! Just then we saw our Sienna - a white 2007, low miles, one owner and 7 passenger one. Perfect! I don't think it had been on their lot for more than an hour. We test drove it and it was a done deal (well, you know, done as in some price negotiating, trade-in dealing and paper signing, three hours later goes.
That place was BUSY. I guess it's the end of the month and the end of the year so great time to buy - and all five 2007 Sienna's that they had on the lot when we got there were all sold when we left!
Even I have to admit as much as I loved the Acadia, this is going to be soo much better with the kids. But the best part is that the stress of finding a new car is over!!!


Trina said...

YEAH!!! You will be glad you have the "mini"! Glad you came to reason :) Congrats on the new car.

Jen Johnson said...

When we had our third boy, Stan picked out a mini-van while I was in the hospital. On our way home from the hospital, we picked it up. That began my love affair with our Odyssey. I keep expecting a call from Honda asking me to be on one of their commercials, because we have sold so many friends and family on that van. Now parties at our house are marked by the line of Odysseys parked in front of our house! :) It's crazy that a mini-van could be my dream car, but it is. Congratulations!