Monday, December 31, 2007

Walk Like an Egyptian

Or how about a regular person for that matter? The pregnant off-balance waddle caught up with me yesterday leaving church. I was carrying WAY too much stuff, trying to watch Graham and keep an eye on where I was going and WHOOP!! Onto the ice I slipped and fell. Except I looked down and I was lying flat on my belly and had landed on it HARD. It knocked the wind right out of me, I was embarassed but then who cares about that - it hurt sooo bad!!!
I was lucky that even though I had stayed late there were still some very nice men in my ward who saw me fall and stopped to help me get up. I was very grateful to have Brother Olson drive me home. Dan had stayed home with Greg from church and by the time I arrived home my parents were on their way to watch the boys and Dan was ready to drive me to the hospital to have me checked out. We went straight into Labor and Delivery and there we were for the next 4 hours monitoring the baby's heartbeat and making sure she was ok. I did have a few bad contractions when I first got there and my belly is still rather sore this morning even, but luckily that is the extent of it.
I feel more dumb than anything really. It made me think of when I was at my first semester at Ricks. I had a friend who had spikes that fit the bottom of his shoes for winter. He would wear those and walk right across the ice in front of the Manwaring Center like it was fine. Then we'd sit by the window and watch other people walk by and fall all over the place and we'd hold up papers with their "score" on it - 8.7, 9.2, 10!!!! Funny when you are a 19 year old freshman, not so funny when you are 8 months pregnant. But I'm positive my fall would've scored a 10, right?


Heidi said...

Holy cow! I'm so glad that you are ok and that Baby Girl is ok! It's so bad out there this time of year. I always expect to wipe out getting the mail.

NatRat said...

Rachel was telling me about this...i was so nervous for you. I am glad that everything is okay. And congrats on the new car, how fun!

keysha said...

Yikes! I would've been scared out of my mind...I am glad everything is okay! (Of course you had to land on your belly....that is what happens when you are pregnant. If you weren't pregnant you would've done a bum land.) I love reading your are one sassy gal!

Kari said...

I love your blog!! Such cute pictures of your kids!! I think you should consider the name Lulu, it's kind of catchy! I especially liked this post. It took me back to when I went to RICKS and used to score people falling on the ice too!! Aaaahhh the good old days.