Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Don't Take a Counter Top For Granite!

Not this girl!  
Not after what we went through to get ours!

We had a friend recommend the company Bedrock Quartz to use as our fabricator and I cannot sing enough happy praises about this company!  
They had a large in stock selection to choose from IF...I had liked what they had.  

But I tend to have a vision of what I want in my mind and then it takes me forever to find it, if I am lucky.  More often than not, it doesn't even exist.  

So I started the hunt looking in granite yards all over the Salt Lake Valley and ended up choosing a slab at a place called Contempo.  Which I later found out is the most expensive place you can go to.  
I knew I wanted something with "movement" in it.  Not splotchie or spotted or that looked like throw up.  I fell in love with this slab called Crema Typhoon.  
They had five slabs in stock and I only needed two!
Not so fast.

They were all spoken for, even though no one had put money down on them.  Because that makes sense to hold items for people when there is me standing there with cash in my hand ready to buy.

But they can order me some!  
From Brazil! 
Not so great. 

They told me to wait two weeks.  
Which didn't seem like that big of a deal.

Two weeks passed and they told me to wait another week.
Then I called to check (three weeks without a counter OR placing an order anywhere with my cabinets already in)
and the counters were...
stuck in customs. 
Still in Brazil. 

I LOVED that Crema Typhoon.  I searched everywhere to see who else had it.
 No one did and I knew I needed to move on.  Who knew when it could come in and if it would even look like these slabs?

Lesson learned for any future build or just to pass along.  
Your counter tops should be the FIRST thing you look for.   I could have at least had slabs on reserve that would have been ready to go when the cabinets were in had I known!


Mary Ann Pickett said...

That is so funny…just what I told my clients doing a remodel. I sorry this is happening to you. It will work out!

Jerred said...

Here in Ohio we call the slab you are in love with "Mascavo". In our showroom at "The Granite Guy", we have 5 versions of it, all the same as the picture you posted with just slight variations in the tones of blues, browns, greens, greys.