Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kitchen Remodel

Dan and I have been talking recently about doing some serious fixing up around our home.  While it's only 7 years old, it needs some help, three little kids take their toll on carpet and builder grade things.  
We would love to move but until we can move UP to our dream home on a bigger lot, this is the home we need to make the best of for the time being. 
So when I spotted this kitchen the other day online, my mom and I had to go check it out in person!  It's very similar to the layout I have now.
Cute, right? The island is big enough for two sides of storage, which I really want to do.  There is a lot of wasted space in my kitchen and I think I could add another 18-24" to my island easily.
I liked the one cabinet with seeded glass doors - cute to show off my pretty dishes now that I am no longer storing sippycups!

We also stopped to see this model - it's a really cute house which has zero yard/driveway/sidewalk.  These houses were so close together you would have to LOVE the inside...or love being with your neighbors the minute you stepped out the door.
 I loved the blue subway tile back splash! I don't think I could ever be that committed on the color for me to ever do this but I did like it! 
This is a little better but still not quite my style...
So now my head is full of ideas and I've had to start making some lists of so I can prioritize what I want to do first around here.  I love getting some inspiration from model homes though.