Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Move or Update?

I made a list over the weekend of all the updates I would like to make to our home and how much it would all cost to do.

The grand total came to almost $60,000.00

It would be cheaper to move at this point.  There are a few reasons to stay, we like our location in proximity to the school, the town.  Neither Dan nor I feel like we have any ties here friend/church wise.  (Acquaintances yes...good friends?  I have like 3.)

I'm sure we could lower that amount to some degree, I rounded up high on the numbers because there are always hidden costs in home repairs.  One trip to the hardware store turns into three every time!

I'm not wanting to move unless it's to our dream home and I just don't see anything remotely close to it on the market right now.  You know, a nice place with 4 bed/3 bath, master bedroom that you can actually fit furniture into, office, 3 car garage and please please please - at least a 1/3 of an acre.

We might just do some of the "must haves" on the list that we would have to do before we would list the house anyhow...wait for the comps to go up.

But these are all just thoughts going through my head and I've since had 2 realtors call me out of the blue and one show up on my doorstep!  

A little Twilight Zonei-ish, don't you agree!?


Heidi Totten said...

In the same boat, as you well know. I hope I am one of the three. :)

Anonymous said...

I say move to Sandy. Upper east side baby!! I am sure there are some houses that fit that criteria up on Highland and I am right by Highland. I am also pretty sure I could make that list of 3 into a list of 4 if you lived by me...