Sunday, June 3, 2012

Garden Additions

I am really excited for my garden this year!  I mentioned here that we decided to make room for an additional square foot garden box in our yard.  The garden is typically my department but Dan really was true to his handyman form and helped make my vision come to life!

 The space before...
A week ago....
 And this evening!
I wanted a tall trellis for the Kentucky Blue pole beans to climb up and thought something industrial looking would do the trick.
 Lowe's as always came through with some metal electrical conduit ($2.00 for 10 feet) and some S hooks.
I can't wait to see a wall of green here later this summer! 
I'm going to be optimistic that the garden will do great.
 The peas have come up and now they just need to climb, climb climb!
 Dan built this compost pile on the side of the house with some chicken wire.  So glad to have all the grass clippings more contained rather than in random piles. 
 We've got a few tomatoes that have arrived!  I have doubled my tomato plants this year.  I'm hoping for some serious salsa making this August.
 The other little patch of beans. 
Strawberries that I need to cover.  I forgot to do that this weekend and some birds had a yummy breakfast.  
 My favorite thing from my garden so far this year has been these beauties!  My peony bushes are super happy and come back strong year after year.  I have a huge bouquet on my kitchen table and it just makes me smile!
How is your garden growing?  So far, so good?


Melinda said...

I love the peonies! I need to try some of those along our front walkway.

Anonymous said...

My "garden" is a mound of leftover dump truck dirt that the previous renters though would be a good idea to dump in the middle of the driveway. It has taken us a few nights a week to slowly dig it up and find a place for it all, but we are finally getting to the bottom of it and even found a cutout under it all wear a garden is supposed to be...
so maybe next year I will get to plant some veggies...

In the meantime, I did buy some hydrangeas to plant next to my front door and I am optimistic that they will be beautiful.

We DO need to hang out. Let's plan a day where I can come chill in your front yard and we'll let the kids play:)