Thursday, May 17, 2012

Turning Old

So I have been playing catch up for the past few weeks and I am almost caught up!  I had a super big birthday in between all the fun vacation time and Dan changing jobs.

Birthdays when you are a mom sort of suck sometimes.  You are just there at home, getting kids ready for school and then left wondering what bathroom to clean first.  I decided to forget the messy house and spend money instead.  My mom and I went to do a little birthday/shoe therapy.
I picked out these super cute Sperry pink plaid flip flops
 And these SUPER comfy Merrell Barefoot sandals.
I also bought some new make up
I swear by Lancome  and I love playing at the make up counters!  So much fun!
 I was seriously in love with this Dooney bag but decided to hold off..
What made my shopping trip even better?  I have NEVER EVER met a blogger in real life.  I've wanted to go to a conference or two but it always seems like something else pops up (or pops, like my tire earlier this week
On my way out I see a familiar face at the Chanel counter with three darling blondies with her...
It was fun finally meeting her since I've been a reader of hers since the day she started her blog. I felt like a nerdy groupie when someone ELSE came up and spotted her and started gushing over her - Shelley is pretty much celebrity around here!  
I have to say she is just a sweet in person as she comes across on her blog.  She is just SO nice.
The rest of the day was pretty mellow since my kids weren't feeling that well.  I was spoiled all day long by cute friends bringing thoughtful little gifts by!  Dinner out ended up being Chili's take out.

Dan and my parents did throw me a really nice party that weekend to celebrate my "40-ness."'  I loved having so many great friends and family drop by to say happy birthday.  I had a few friends take me out to lunch and two of my really good friends from church took me out to dinner as well.  

My 30's were great - I have had 10 amazing years of marriage to my best friend, we've moved 3 times, have had 3 beautiful babies and life is good!  
Let's just hope this year goes by a little slower than the last!