Friday, May 11, 2012

Hang Ups

So I am now on the hunt for a good way for putting artwork on my walls and I found AS Hanging picture hanging wire - perfect to keep from putting a million nail holes in my new basement! 

My mom gave me a picture over a year ago for my laundry room.  
I put it away for safe keeping and then I forgot where I even put it (Do you ever do this?  I do, ALL the time.)

I finally found it this last week!
Do you love it?  I painted it in the 5th grade (I think?) and my mom just framed it for me! 

My brother has also started sharing more of his art work.  A friend of his now has one of Mike's paintings hanging at 1455 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Ring a bell?  NEXT door to the White House!!  Talk about almost famous!  
But Mike sent this one to me for my birthday...
I'm still on the look out for curtains and a laundry room rug.  The list just never ends, does it?