Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Things

 I couldn't figure out why Greg was standing in the kitchen staring at the ground instead of getting ready for school this morning.  

Just as I was about to start getting after him, he tells me, "MOM.  Didn't you know that the light is making a heart on the floor?"

I'm glad I stopped to let him tell me that.  It made me smile and we decided it was the sun giving us some love this morning so that we would have a happy day.
 Lauren had her last day of preschool this morning.  She LOVED her sweet teacher Mrs. Aldridge.  She is so happy at school and has loved learning new things this year.
 Lauren was given this to bring home - isn't that a cute gift idea?  I thought so!

This next picture is not for the faint of heart and is me being brave. (As in a picture of me without makeup)   But I had a lengthy chat with my friend Shelley the other day and I decided that being brave is sometimes what gets things done. 

So Shelley...this one is for you...I tried to copy your after work out face but I am not sure I pulled it off.  ;)
What I did pull off was a kick butt interval session with my treadmill this morning.  Ha!

I've got a hot new summer playlist on the ipod - I'll post it later for y'all this weekend.   
Dan and I have a really long "honey do" list for this weekend.  We have a lot of projects 90% finished and I hope to get a lot crossed off the list!  Do you have big plans for the long weekend?

ps...who can recommend a good blog designer?  I need to change things up around here!


House of Smiths said...

Ahhh! I love it!!!!!! You rock girl! Keep up the good work, you've totally got this :)