Friday, September 2, 2011

Horrible Upright Freezers - Frigidaire

 My upright freezer has been a nightmare.  The alarm woke us up last week at 3 a.m. to find our food slowly defrosting.  It was jammed.packed.full.

This happened last year as well and I had to haul ALL of my food over to my parents house.  They happen to own a GE freezer that has been running fine through two moves between three states for over 30 years.  Go figure.
How long did my gem of a Frigidaire last?  FIVE YEARS.  I pretty much paid $100 a year for it's use.  Which is so irritating.  I've got it listed in the classifieds right now thinking some man might want a beer fridge to put in his workshop somewhere. That's about all it's good for. 

Repairs would cost the same as purchasing a new one.

You would be hard pressed to find any alternate brands to purchase that are not actually pieces of Frigidaire crap with a different name slapped on them.   We found a Whirlpool model we were ready to purchase, but the model won't be available until January of 2012. (What?!)
Grumble.Grumble. Complain.Complain.


Meghan said...

Do you have a Sears Outlet near you? We scored a great deal on a Kenmore Freezer for $350 since it had a stain.

Unknown said...

Oh that stinks! I've been on a mad hunt this past week for an upright freezer and now you have me scared! A friend just emailed last night, though, that she has a 10 year-old one she'll give me for free, so hopefully it's a keeper! So sorry to hear about your night!

Made In The South said...

Gosh..that is not fun.
We have been through that with the hurricanes. But worse we had to try and cook all the food on the BBQ. Thank goodness we had hungry neighbors. LOL
Things just do not last. My mom had this nasty green ice box for my whole life. We have been through about four in 18 years.
Hope the rest of the weekend is better,

Heidi Meek said...

We love our chest freezers! I have two from Lowe's because I coupon and like to stock up on SmartOnes freezer meals. Frigidaire is known to last a long long time, that stinks yours kicked the bucket.