Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

 We buried jelly beans in hopes of growing a jelly bean tree....
 Lauren was very serious about this!
 I was shocked to see not jelly bean trees but lollipops had grown in their places instead!  Amazing!
 The kids thought this was magical!
 I tried to get a good one was cooperating and we were in a hurry to get to church on time.
 So much so that LuLu had the wrong shoes and sweater on - sigh.
 Let's try really quick outside...better?
 Nope. Greg always closes his eyes, Graham was a stiff soldier and LuLu wouldn't stop bouncing around!

 The yummy raspberry cake with buttercream frosting and raspberry sauce.   
The menu included honey baked ham, creamy asparagus, glazed carrots, baked potatoes, black cherry jello, Kj's yummy homemade rolls, veggies and dip, and strawberry poppyseed salad.
 Ready for dinner - we had our friends The Troxel's over with their 3 boys...
 Neil wouldn't take a picture either!
Gorgeous Danielle!
 Dan, the chief ham cooker and slicer!
Kids table.

We had a nice Easter Sunday and were grateful to spend it with friends who are like family!


Melinda said...

That jelly bean trees to lollipops is the cutest idea ever! And your dinner menu sounded amazing!

Anonymous said...

Um, yes I'd like to request one of those gorgeous cakes for my Birthday. It's Sept 5th;) Also, I am so stealing your planting jelly beans idea! Brilliant!

Kristen said...

Lollipops are $2.95 at Afton's Candy shop in Gardner Village!! I just got the medium ones....

kjtroxel said...

Hilarious picture of Neil! Thanks for the laugh :) and a lovely Easter

classic • casual • home said...

Oh my gosh, my eyes are watering this is SUCH a darling post! The lollipop trees??? How perfectly magical. I would want to sit at the kids table as they are having a marvelous time. Fab menu too!