Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simple Red Christmas Tree

My boys love to help put up the decorations on the Christmas tree.  They have so much fun doing it!
They cannot figure out why or how the ornament fairy comes that night after they are in bed and changes around everything!  
What a mischievous little thing!
And voila... 
We all wake up to a tree that looks! 
The lies I come up with to tell my children roll off my tongue so easily it scares me.
Not that it matters.  See the huge holes where you think a poinsettia should be?  Lauren has about 10 of these under her bed.  She takes one upstairs with her every night!  
I took the pictures as is.  I have three children.   
My tree, like my life, is hardly picture perfect.  
 I love putting out ornaments I've collected on special trips...a Adirondack chair from a romantic Christmas weekend at the Hotel Del Coronado...
 A hot and sweaty tour with three minis of a beautiful old home in Memphis...(do you Southerners even know how lovely a DRY heat can be?!)
 An anniversary spent at the Zermatt  
 An afternoon lunch with my mother and sister, Kelly in Atlanta.
 Fun little snowflakes all over the tree with little red and clear gens for extra sparkle.
 I love the red and silver bells all over, I got these at Target 50% last year. 
I love my very red and sparklie tree with all it's imperfections thanks to these little hands...
Thanks for stopping by and looking!  
I'm off to see all the other trees at Sarah's and Julia's place!


Unknown said...

OMG!! Your tree is beautiful... It actually made me smile and be thankful that 'tis the season (I was starting to get a bit stressed)
I am your newest follower and I'm following your recepies too YUM!
Thanks for your comments, I blog as much anymore but I hope you follow me too because I love suggestions and tips!

Cyndy Bush said...

Your tree is gorgeous! And you're not the only Mama who goes back & rearranges.

Cyndy Bush said...

Your tree is gorgeous! And you're not the only Mama who goes back & rearranges.

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Thanks for visiting, your tree is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... The ornament fairy! I've not heard of her before but it looks like she's talented. :-) That is too funny! Your kids are adorable too.

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Ornament fairy!!! Oh you made me almost snort out my coffee!! We don't have kids yet but I am TOTALLY going to use that one!!! :) The tree looks fantastic!!! Great job!!

Katie@YogaGal said...

This is lovely! Since mine are shorties, this year it seemed like all of the ornaments were only on the lower half of the tree. I had to go back and spread out! :D

Believe me, we appreciate dry heat and wish we had more down here in the South. Especially during allergy season. The Tennessee Valley is terrible for allergies, even my dog is on allergy meds! :D

Ann said...

Oh you have such a lovely tree...
It looks so festive, perfect for the holidays.

Unknown said...

Just lovely! I can't imagine doing a tree with 3 little ones. (Mine came when they were 7, 10 & 12 - so our tree stood a prayer of a chance, except for roughhousing, football,etc.) Now I just have a 3 y.o. grandson, who 'helps' decorate too. I tried giving him his own tree to decorate, which worked . . . for a while. He prefers helping Gramma with her tree.

Thanks for stopping by! This is such fun!

Kitty said...

So Pretty!
Dan and I collect ornaments from all of our little adventures. We have had so much fun looking at our tree and remembering all of those special memories. I think that is one of the very best parts of Chrismas.

love love,

p.s. YOU are a fire engine!

Anonymous said...

I love the simplicity of your red tree. You daughter stealing the flowers makes me laugh. Oh, and this is the first year the ornament fairy didn't come to our house. I just left it as is ... of course, the kids are older and wiser this year, too. :)

Meg said...

Your tree is as beautiful as your family! I think it looks perfect and am drooling over all the red.

I live in Atlanta and long for dry heat. :)

kjtroxel said...

beuatiful!! as was expected. you've got talent!

NatRat said...